Mission Statement

   Since 1974

Our Mission Statement

Evergreen Behavioral Health Services has been providing psychotherapeutic services for clients in the Virginia area since 1974. We know therapy is a powerful tool to utilize during difficult times.  Your therapist is a support and a guide to help you navigate through life’s daily challenges and help you focus on where you are going.

Over the years, Evergreen Behavioral Health Services has, consistently, been there and now we are honored to offer telehealth appointments so that we may navigate these unique times together.

Our mission is to utilize our broad base of knowledge, acquired through 46 years in a variety of mental health fields, to provide our clients with the most up to date, accurate, and sound practice to help them realize their highest personal goals.

Our treatment types include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral ( CBT )
  • Interpersonal, Jungian/ Dream Interpretation for Alignment with the Subconscious
  • Spiritual Wellness/Holistic

With over a dozen specialties, one of our outstanding therapists is the right match for you.